I am a white man

January 26th, 2016 by admin

It is time, before the coming Republican primaries, for me to say something I first formed 40 years ago. Before the pundits spew out the stereotype about disaffected white men voting for the likes of Trump and Cruz, let me say this, I am a white man (even an older white man), my three sons are white men, my two little grandson are budding white men and we do not support the mindless, ignorant and dangerous nonsense coming out of these two and the others in the Republican campaign. Stereotypes of all sorts are false and this one is a great and demeaning falsehood.
I have spent the last 45 years associating and working with white men who have been working for the rights of the working class, civil rights, immigrant rights, gay rights, religious freedom and understanding, women's right, and the freedom of people's around the world for the right not to live under the heel of economic and political subjugation. The opportunity to work with people who share these values, whether, black, women, gay, hispanic, asian or white men, gives freedom to us all. Nothing is lost rather so much is gained.
So, do not mix me and my sons in with a group that is, in fact, false from the start. To the pundits, find another more accurate and more enlightened way to account for the fear that animates so much of the people who support these demigods.
John Peterson
Here is a short list of some white men, celebrities and associates, who are not motivated by fear but by love of all people.
Peter Yarrow Paul Stooky Bob Dylan Edward R. Murrow George Clooney Shaun Penn Tony Bennett John Brown Frank Sinatra Gregory Peck Bill Clinton Paul Newman Rock Hudson Harry Truman James Woods Gene Hackman Pete Seeger Woody Guthrie Tony Bennett Orson Wells Tim McCoy in a 1932 movie The entire cast of 12 Angry Men Tony Curtis Robert Ryan Walter Reuther Every white man at the March on Washington Marlon Brando Bobby Darin Ken Hart Craig Cherstrom Lawrence Rouse Ren Maby Warren Kessler James Downs Ed Maupin Rick Gold Jack Seileman The list is endless.  To add names to this list go to the Comments and send them to me.  I will add them.  

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