James Downs 

May 27th, 2017 by admin

Refining the moment Reach out a quavering hand to touch rock  bird bones may be Hollow... but they are heavy  .  colors of Fall are proportional to colors of Spring  there's a giant in the Sky prepared to roar  .  find yourself in company of No less than three  Genealogy tells only part of a truthful tale  .  a ditch only means higher Ground on other side  lumbering black bear can run straight uphill  .  make a face by scrunching up your Mouth  thin valley gets Darker quicker than a plain  .  Markets for homegrown gods shine out  when you leave one place you Enter another  .  ghosts of Today become memories of tomorrow  bighorn sheep re-introduced to wild Sierra Mountains  .  Wave upon wave caresses winding California coast  You cannot escape Yourself even if you tried  .  Refining the moment... reach out a quavering hand   bird bones may be Hollow... but they are heavy  .  James Downs 

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