New poems by James Downs

September 7th, 2016 by admin

A CUT ABOVE Stems lay flat when first cut for display . we can play like it is not a big deal or it will grow to full size of the sun . we tend to put emphasis where . we already want it to be… within all this change . it doesn’t and then it does . it’s Shiva god- head transcending stems lay flat when first cut for display . and then they don’t and then they do  
Day after day
Day after day things fall from heights and land with less or more force and a light whoosh . something gets in the way and we may have to shove it aside . our hide is thick indications of sterner stuff inside . if we make a plan and keep it close…to the vest…we will know what is best to do . the vines creep around the edge of the river…its flow sustains all it goes by . take a tip from nature take a deep breath in…then let it out again . Day after day things fall from heights and land in our hearts
Exaltation The larks exalt around my head as if they are not ready to leave . who said it was a lark a gambol to go off half-cocked . cattywumpus and whomperjawed…a fool’s errand if ever I’ve seen one . maybe if we do go away it should be full cocked into the  night…I assure you . it will be a big gamble then… the larks exalt… fly with praise and we must . follow fearlessly
growing up fast like ……..summer grass sprouts ready to grasp hold…give a shout
for my grandsons Alex and John
We go to a place that makes sense
the sound it takes is like deer god and bear god banding together
open my heart with a belly knife
find a thread—pull it see what is raveling…what unravels
courses take courage and answers ache
of wine and remembrance . if you have a dime spend the time it takes to use it
no regrets…everything is fine.
Ophelia why
Ophelia why did you throw yourself in the river? . despair is so finalizing . couldn’t you have just gone someplace else . solutions present themselves . to those who see…you didn’t have to relinquish control over your life just because someone . couldn’t handle the arc of his own . knife cut sharpness of the waves tore you up and water filled your lungs no chance to heal . no chance to breath your secrets . or any other breathing cut short .
Ophelia why did you throw yourself in the river?
one is brewing up {from the waves} brace yourself we are from stars and water . and nothing stays the same and nothing changes from the sky . if we choose from among a spoon and a fork and one sharp knife . it all depends upon the need the want or any aesthetics we may find . turn around and see what’s coming…find a building and build it . storm is here soon…one is brewing up {from the waves} brace . yourself….we are from out there and there be dragons in the sky
THE STORM The short hills undulate comprise a falling off as well as rising up . we keep walking upon the grass . the storm builds up like a wall…like poem pieces . if you dive in one end of the pool . surely you will come out the other a  wet thing . get a handle on it in your hand . what befuddles you will wash you clean . and you do not die anytime soon . the short hill undulates the storm builds up and rains upon the grass
James Downs is this presses dear friend and my dear friend.  He lives with his wife Joyce in Sonora.
Soon we will have out another book of his poetry with these and other poems.  Find his first volume,
Merge with the river on our website and at

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