Poems from Raphael Block's book, Strings of Shining Silence

September 28th, 2016 by admin

Strings of Shining Silence

When shadows lengthen, our breaths grow closer, and bundled bodies huddle against drizzle-slanting snow and rain. To warmth we turn, the nearness of a cello heartbeat; strings of shining silence fill my chest with crimson tones. Each in-breath spins me into soundness while with each outward rush of air— though winds may shriek and squall, clouds flash and crack— shafts of sunlight— somehow— slip through my being and unfold.

Blazing Trees

You have only to see the blazing sunset through the trees to be in that dazzling presence and catch a voice saying “Take off your masks!” With a clatter they land all around, but you barely notice because the fire in your heart is bursting toward that bright glow on the horizon. And when its last glimmering rays are gone— from human sight— you’re left with a gateway that will open even in your dark hour.

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