Poems from the 20th Anniversary Authors' Anthology

January 6th, 2018 by admin

New poem by Kim Shuck
2017 Poet Laureate of San Francisco

Drought Break

Weaving of water is layered
Sitting in the rain
Feet dragging in the runoff
I know there are trees coming down tonight
Drought tired
Clots of soil run free
Sailors still catch and spill
Still navigate by song
So far we are still witness


Borderless Butterflies: Earth Haikus and Other Poems Mariposas sin fronteras: Haikus terrenales y otros poemas
by Francisco X. Alarcon

Federico García Lorca / Roque Dalton / Gloria Anzaldúa

oh poetas del mundo
de ayer, mañana, siempre
sin fronteras
hermano del alma
hermano en lucha
hermana mestiza
pusieron en riesgo
sus vidas en versos – y ante
mentiras, la verdad

9 de diciembre de 2013
o poets of the world
from yesterday, tomorrow
forever borderless
soulmate brother
brother in struggle
Mestiza sister
you risked your lives
in poems – choosing
truth over lies

December 9,2013

New poems James Downs

Whispers in the grass

The sheer
abruptness of sweetness
on the tongue

the full
dawning of sunflowers
in the mind

the repetitive
mirror taken down
off the wall

the shouldered
certainty of sightings
in the throat

what is it we seek in this life of woe

the twinkled
brightness of benevolence
near the stars

the tried-
and-true of whispers
in the grass

the hunger danger of hope in the heart


The Nature of Mountains
John Peterson

dark season
we keep finding small places that let the
smell of herbs come through

rosemary before its put in the black skillet
with potatoes onions and black pepper

basil oregano and cilantro growing on the roof
top deck where the sound of pigeons and sunsets
fill the sky and early morning bells
from the methodist steeple
stand out against the snow covered peaks
of the cuyamacas

the source of rain in the spider plant
the deep smell of burning oak
eucalyptus both wet and shining and played out in smoke

this is the season the bear sleeps where you and i
slowly give in and lay front to back like spoons in
a velvet embrace


Landscape of a Woman and a Hummingbird
Joe Milosch

He twists his neck to catch the sun,
which turns his throat to the same shade
of red as the fluid in the gourd-shaped feeder.

Peeling grilled tomatoes, she lifts her head
to see him dip his beak, turn his head,
and burst into shadow.

As they slip through her fingers, tomato seeds
become prayer beads, which seem suspended
for a moment before falling into her salsa.

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