Sandeep Kumar Mishra, India

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Reluctant night after a brooding duty, slowly retreating The earth in gray, some dim shades still hovering Dawn strides out leisurely to wake every farm The sleepy sun, in liquid light, making the sand warm Morning nymph rising from the ocean of pearls Wearing magic mist mantle if the wind swirls Her gleaming bracelet borrowed from the sun rays Swiftly up to the hilltop her glory sways Her fragrance wakes up the slumbers of mortals The crowing birds but break the silence acetals I am eager to rise early than the bee, Perhaps to feel the divine power if it be Every home kindles its necessary fires Sense morning incense, listen far sounding lyres The soul feels fresh and rejuvenated Healing light exhaled here, a divine incarnated The bunches of roses, lily awaken The wind hides in the trees, make them shaken Shy maid advances with pitcher to fill in river The peasants and herdsmen on their way as ever All creatures must toilsome courses run hard Because untrodden the path, bright is the reward  

My City

My city has dazzling appearance Its days are sweating labours The nights are stiffly precarious Malls, palaces, shops, skyscrapers All things are but only a granite museum People came from unknown places Growing day by day like a mushroom Horns, siren, music, pollution, buzz, silence It never stops but crawl like a worm Ten to five, nonstop work culture To live here to live on term Race to stay alive, no stop for nature Morning walker and evening walker As late sleepers, late risers, all machine made Sofa, carpet, TV, air conditioner There is light but no relief or shade High ways are death ride way I strive for a peaceful lee Has city ruined me in any way? No, it has marred better men than me I stand alone amid a millions crowd God was silent when I was suffering fast I am ready to die unnoticed, but I will build a new city before I breathe last  

Romantic Dream

My love! My dream girl! Come with me, We will go over the lea, beyond the sea. Let’s build a palace among the stars Far away from earthly strife and wars, Look our rainbow friends -white rivers, Slaty mountains, red roses, brown sparrows, Bright glow worms, golden eagles, black bees, Yellow sunflowers, scarlet macaw, green trees. Showers drench the morning, nights glow with dew Posy noon to dose, then evening linnets in the view, Winter with warm sun, summer of moonlit nights, I admire thy grace, your touch diminish all my frights. When your shiny raven hair shade my head, I repose in your lap, Night comes, and day becomes fade. Your smiling glance and hazel eyes keep me at ease, We will love till there are the seas and the skies.   Sandeep Kumar Mishra, India BIO- He is a stage artist, painter, writer and a lecturer in English with Masters in English Literature and Political Science. He is in creative field since 1992 and has published poems both in Hindi and English languages. His first article published in 1992, first poem in 2003.He also worked as Sub-editor for a collection of poems (Pearls) 2003,which have many reputed poets  

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