Tomás Gayton

November 20th, 2014 by admin


Africa is billowy primrose clouds on sky blue canvas barefoot Masai boys wearing red plaid blankets herding scrawny goats and cattle over ruddy dry earth, purple-green foothills— our primal ancestral common ground Thompson’s gazelles graze sparse dry grass giraffes browse on thorny treetops loping in slow motion across the Serengeti plain— a ballet of pachyderms crossing in deep water single file An elegant leopard languishes on naked limb of an ancient tree  

African Princess

In a time capsule crossing Africa’s Rift Valley on Serengeti’s vast plain a spirited young actress Lady Emma and I are on the Ukimwi road together on wildlife safari from Nairobi to Harare our souls ignite in song, carefree and silly Her playful laughter lulls me to sleep at sundown I dream we are standing in the African bush— she close behind me as I place my hands on hers Together we thrill to thunder of the lion’s roar the flash of lightning in dark cool Serengeti night— until I am awakened by falling rain and Emma’s gleeful chatter at sunrise   from - Sojourn on the Bohemian Highway by Tomás Gayton Poetic Matrix Press

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