You are part of the power of this country by James Downs (click here for full post)

October 20th, 2014 by admin

I do believe in fairness and care for our fellows and getting rid of poverty and help the homeless. But until we solve the problems that keep us apart on core issues, we will never start down that road at all.  Those who do not want these things fixed spend a lot of money on candidates and representatives to keep things from being solved.  So, I wrote the following Editorial: You tell me, is the issue of abortion or climate control or unreasoned fear of each other, and other divisive issues more important to you than food on your table and a roof over your head and good schools and safety from crime for your children and good healthcare and a fair shake for a job and a fair shake at your job and fairness in general?  These are the issues that the ninety-nine percent of the people of this country (and other countries, as well) worry about most.  All the other issues, called hot-button issues because someone pushes your buttons and makes you angry and you forget about the core, are just that...something to distract you from the fact that you are part of a group that could have 99% of the power.  And you could vote for good people who care for those they represent and get those core issues taken care of for you and me and all of us. The rich and greedy behind the present representatives don't want you to know about this.  That is why they divide us with fear of the words liberal or conservative.  That is why they do not support good schools, because then you and I would think more and question them.  That is why they support wars, to distract us from the paramount needs here.  That is why they spend money behind the scenes, without accountability, getting those who would continue to be their political henchmen elected and vote against the best interest of the country's core issues.  And that is why they ramp up fear and hatred between us.  Because they know the one seminal thing they cannot have.  If we did vote as a block, those rich, those henchmen, would lose power and never get back in power EVER AGAIN. Don't vote against your own best interests in November or at any election time.  Vote for yourselves, the core issues, not the distracting, diverting hot-button issues.  Make sure where your candidate stands on jobs, economy, fairness, good schools for all, homes, the people's safety, by as well as from, their police. You really are part of the 99%, not the 1%.  You are part of the power of this country. Vote that way. James Downs "I don't just approve this message; I believe this message." Feel free to respond by email at and your response will be added. Thanks for reading. Love is the only thing. All else is unimportant or is just details.

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