Poetic Matrix Press Newsletter Summer 2021

CloudBreak by Heather Saunders Estes

In Heather Saunders Estes' book, Cloudbreak, her poems are full of wonder, conflict, love, and luminous insight. To the reader, the lyricism of her work comes across as a bittersweet conversation. In the end, one finds the strength of her work comes from her courageous honesty as she constructs poems that are as delicate as petals pressed onto the page.
– Joseph D. Milosch, author of Homeplate Was the Heart & Other Stories

Cloudbreak is an act of San Francisco; kaleidoscope of fog and hills, wooden back stairs, relic garden plantings, monterey cypress and redwood trees. Heather Estes has created an intricate portrait of place quite separate from the version that appears in popular fiction. This is a recognizable 'tetris'.
–Kim Shuck, 7th Poet Laureate of San Francisco - title Rabbit Stories

When Heather left her valued, long-term career as Chief Executive Officer of Planned Parenthood Northern California after 37 years, she transitioned to writing poetry. Poetry is laughter, reflection, appreciation, and a call to action. Cloudbreak is her second book.

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Patricia Nelson received a fine review of In the Language of Lost Light in the Harvard Review, reviewed by Susan E. Gunter. You can see the review by clicking on Harvard Review


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And here is Brandon Cesmat's recent music album. Brandon is a fine muscial and his lyrics are beautiful poetry.

Califor-Noir lyics/vocals by Brandon Cesmat
Produced/Arranged by Peter Sprague

Available at Califor-Noir by Brandon Cesmat on Amazon Music - Amazon.com

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"Here's the thing with me and the religious thing. This is the flat-out truth: I find the religiosity and philosophy in the music. I don't find it anywhere else." – Bob Dylan

"A library of poetry books lends itself to another pleasure. On occasion I have been asked to present a reading of appropriate poetry at the New Thought Spiritual Center. Picking a theme, I can peruse the more than 50 poetry books our press has published (at the time) and present the theme from many poet's considered view. Not only does it make a delightful presentation but the pleasure in going through these many authors, seeking the right pieces, is immense." – John

As we all know it has been a difficult year. It seems we are coming out of it. I have been vaccinated and have traveled to visit family, including my grandsons. I plan to do more. I would like to get a press poetry reading going in the San Diego area and the San Francisco area. If you know of a venue, would like to assist or just have information please let me know. We have many good poets in these areas. – John