And So It Is by Reverend James Fox

And So It Is
Essays on the Spiritual Life

by Reverend James Fox

Published by Poetic Matrix Library
217 pages
ISBN: 978-0-9824276-5-1

The Book

Jim Fox grew up on a farm in West Virginia. He attended church with his family, took part in church activities and studied the Bible in group classes at Sunday School. He graduated from High School in 1952 in time to be drafted into the military during the Korean Conflict. After two years serving his country Jim worked as a mechanic for twenty-five years in Ohio before moving to California in 1979.

He and his wife Joanna found the Science of Mind teaching in 1986 and attended all the classes the Science of Mind had to offer and, after five years of studies, they became ministers. In 1994 they founded the Spiritual Awareness Center located in Madera, California and celebrated 15 years as a church in September, 2009.

Jim draws many of his lessons from his early days as a Mid-western diesel mechanic and the numerous small wild creatures and birds who populate his back yard in Madera, California. From his back patio viewing station, Jim, in the company of his faithful dog, Tyson, draws similarities from their interactions in nature to our own.

In these 100 snippets of spiritual related writings, Jim shows us how, by living in harmony with ourselves, one another and nature, we too, can learn to follow our spirit within, our intuition, that can lead us to a life filled with abundant peace, harmony, laughter and love.

"His writings reflect his soul; honest, open and positive."
— Annette Nordine, Artist and Photographer

From And So It Is:

The Power Beyond Instinct and Intuition

"The great blessing of the spirit pours through me now, and protects me in all my ways."
— Ernest Holmes, Science of Mind, pg. 257

We live in a universe that is so perfect that most of the people who are aware of this are amazed by the way it all comes together. Everything operates in a perfect way because the Creative Intelligence of the Universe (God) is the energy behind all that takes place. All of creation uses this Intelligence in its everyday activities and it always knows what to do and when to do it.

First time mothers in the animal kingdom know what to do because it is the power of this Intelligence that guides their instincts. The birds that migrate know when to start their flight and know what direction to travel because of this power behind their instinct. The fish in the oceans know when to change locations not only for breeding purposes but they follow the food source that changes its location.

Everything happens for a reason because the Creative Intelligence behind all activity is guiding the energy that everything responds to. The whales in the oceans that change locations don' t have compasses or depth gauges to guide them on their way like the man made submarine that has to operate from those kinds of instruments or they would get in big trouble. The same thing with the birds that migrate.

The birds know where they are going because the Creative Intelligence behind their instinct guides them with different signs for them to follow. Some of the signs upon which they rely are the weather, the air currents and the food source. The birds don't need all the sophisticated instruments, like the man made airplanes have, to get to their destination. They rely on the Creative Intelligence of the Universe (God) to guide and take care of their needs from the time they were hatched until the time they expire from this plane of life.

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