poetry of dark hills and wild mountains by john

poetry of dark hills and wild mountains

by john

Published by Poetic Matrix Press
79 pages, price $15.00
ISBN 0-9714003-0-X

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The Book

on occasion after time spent in the dark hills and wild mountains there is an opening into mystery   mystery that comes not as a gift   not as a need   but mystery that comes as a relationship and a revelation   this is a work that seeks that mystery


john has lived and worked in the sierra foothills   high mountains of sequoia yosemite   on palomar mountain   traveled the lush coastal hills   the rockies great smokies   blue ridge parkway   olympic mountains   baja's dessert hills nicaraguan's volcanic mountains   the low jungle hills of vietnam   migrating between mountain and city   complete only in both

From dark hills and wild mountains:

palomar mountain crystal presentation
for jack
i reach out   extend my hand across snowy hills
i make undulations with you

oak trees sprout up   snow brushed up in mounds  
we let the moon   that is crescent in the hot blue sky
make shapes   then dance out with our music

our breathing moves leaves and the hairs on my face
your hair ruffles across our body

my lungs cry out   the sharp sweet feel of quick air
goes in across dry lips that drink in the fast mountain

snow falling from the fir tree does so with drama
cracks loudly   enters the ring of quiet
sending long shouts out onto the icy pond drum surface

breaking through crusting snow demands a mind
not drifting but sharp   one step deep into the next
lifted by intention and set again on a firm surface

pulling up   breathing into the fullness of limbs
looking out by a willful act to see the land
that is soft in the distance but demanding

the hardness of attraction   the fascination that pulls me
and takes all my exertion

i can finally die into this   and look up
through deep snow   and see tiny points of light
that hover   in the space   above
in the spirit of give away
the crystal
lays amethyst and six sided   inside
the crystal life
they have made   out to in

feather of hawk and grey smoke
of sage
are gates of the temple
and temple is hill and desert   sky
and mountain   there and
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