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Rainbow Brothers

On Three Adventure-Nevers by Miles, Neyah and John Peterson

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ISBN: 978-1-63649-697-9


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"In an obscure time, in a past clear and clouded at the same time, a small group of friends formed in a spontaneous manner, bent on a simple premise; to explore the world out there, in rocks and trees and hills, and in here, in the complex and felt world of the magical psyche. They christened themselves 'The Rainbow Brothers' to honor those virtuous qualities of the spirit that make up all of us and which are available to our edification and use once we recognize that these qualities exist. They called their exploration an 'Adventure-Never' to honor the adventure and recognize that it would never end."

Twin sons and father set off on an innocent exploration and begin a series of adventures that come out of the deep joy in spending time together. All of the adventures that follow occurred in that spontaneous manner that can flow at opportune moments. Some additional details and stories arrived at the time of writing these adventures out. The sole intention is to convey the love and pass it along. Reading level may vary between 3 and 12 and higher as some material may require more advanced capability. This is also intended to be read by older siblings and parents to younger children.

Much gratitude must be given to mother Shakira Khan and stepmother Laurene Hensle for all of the love and life they bestow on all of us.

The Authors

John Peterson is the transcriber, and author of additional work, initiated by Miles and Neyah Peterson. John is the father of Miles and Neyah, the original initiators of this work. Cartoon drawings by John. He is also the publisher of Poetic Matrix Press .

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