Mindscape Unlocked? by Adam Funk

Mindscape Unlocked?

by Adam Funk

97 pages
ISBN 978-0-9827343-2-2

The Book

"It is a privilege to read this book. The vision which unfolds in Mindscape Unlocked? by Adam Funk is a most gentle vale. The poems are songs, if not psalms, objects in a mindscape composed of love, reverence, honesty, and humility. As one reads, one is brought deeper into an edenic innocence of mind as pure as the primordial blossomings of spring. One can only hope that in the future Mr. Funk doesn't let success go to his head, but follows the path of humility he, in Mindscape Unlocked?, has laid out."
Joel Netsky author of The Unequivocality of a Rose

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Adam Funk

Adam Funk is a 27 year-old college student. After seven years of studying English, he received a Bachelor's Degree in 2008 from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

Currently, he is a student at the College of Southern Nevada taking part in Paralegal Studies. He wants to be an advocate for the handicap. His cerebral palsy has made him more aware of the vast changes that need to be made in public places"like schools.

From Katrina:

Enlightenment of the Dragonfly A Song for Anastasia
Forgetting the world around him, and
Retreating to one of his own.
Twofold wings lift him above
The fickle horseflies below.

They cry and nip at his knowledge,
Trying to imitate his flight"
His six legs hold the energy,
His four wings, they hold the weight.

"You shouldn't use big words for which
The situation has no call!" they say
"And you should not degrade the air
With flight when you know you'll fall!"

Tranquility drafts the Dragonfly into the morning sun.
Serenity brings him home at night"
Enlightenment has begun.
What tones do you hear within the chants of others?
Perhaps harpsichords? Or maybe strings?
It doesn't matter at all.

The point to Nirvana is to let go of the sharpened.
If you are cut, bleed your way to peace
And let the earth nurse your wounds.

If you are healed by the stitch"
Please wear the scar with pride"
Silken, silent, and knowing.

Enlightenment has no soul except those
The practitioner deems to bestow.
Every breath unfurls the wing, every mantra
Messages letting go.

The secrets of the Universe
Are held in a song to which
You must learn the notes, my dear.
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