A Rose in the Briar Patch by Dan Tharp

A Rose in the Briar Patch

by Dan Tharp

Published by Poetic Matrix Books
74 pages
ISBN: 978-0-9824276-0-6

The Book

Dan began writing poetry in 1982 at the age of 18, mainly as a means of expressing his pent up emotions. Although many of those poems were never seen, they served as a form of therapy for a young man feeling his way through life. Regretfully, most of them are now gone. Having entered a religious period in his life, Dan discarded all but a couple of those poems. He did continue to write poetry, though of a religious nature... It wasn't until the early nineties that he hit a wall and the poetry all but stopped. The inspiration was gone.

It wasn't until the spring of 2001 that Dan began actively writing again. He has been writing ever since and is grateful that the inspiration continues to visit.

Publisher's Comments

In A Rose in the Briar Patch, Dan Tharp blends the two historical tendencies of romance, love and a broken heart. But why should we again enter this ageless dance? Because indeed it is our dance and we will dance it again and again. This heart, the romantic heart, forgets. It must forget just so we can once again get lost, dance and yes, feel.

From A Rose in the Briar Patch:

All I've Come to Know of Me Improvise
Vast in the knowledge of myself...
do I see as I am seen,
hear as I am heard,
speak as I am spoken of?

And were someone
to write my life...

would I lend the flavor
of the poet to the palate of the reader
who rolls my words around —
the contours of her tongue?

Would I elicit latent fervency for
the few who peruse my words;
symbolize the sanctification of
my allegorical verse?

I'm well acquainted
with my shallows;
less accustomed to my depths
and I fear I know quite little of
the me I represent!

And yet if you look close enough
you'll see within my words
all I've come to know of me,
exposed within my verse.
For lack of a plan;
lack of a scheme —

I improvise
the moment
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