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We Stand Up For What's Right

This is a peace activist kids book called We Stand Up For What's Right. This book teaches the importance of civic engagement and democratic decision making to advance a more peaceful society. After King Lion demands that his subjects go to war, the villagers hold a meeting under the moon and decide together that they want a say in war decisions. This book emphasizes the value of community decision making, speaking truth to power, especially in times of war, and how standing up for what's right can advance peace and justice for all. This is a story inspired by the historic passage of the Yemen War Powers Resolution, to end US military support for the Saudi-UAE war in Yemen and written to tell younger generations born after 9/11, who have never lived in an America not at war, that war is not the answer, war is not inevitable and there is a better way to resolve our differences. Thanks to our illustrator Angelyca Moffatt.

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We Stand Up For What's Right by Hassan El-Tayyab and Audra Caravas

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