If poets and lovers of poetry don't write, publish, read, and purchase poetry books then we will have no say in the quality of our contemporary culture and no excuse for the abuses of language, ideas, truth, beauty, and love in our cultural life.

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Poetic Matrix Press Has a Number of Ways of Fulfilling Book Orders

All of our titles are available directly through our website. We can accept orders, send invoices via PayPal, accept payment, fulfill and ship orders of any quantity - all through our website. This is the best way to get books as authors and the press will benefit the most. Bookstores can order this way as well and will receive a steeper discount then a distributor.

Bookshop.org: an alternative to Amazon.com. Bookshop is dedicated to supporting community bookstores via online sales and returning the profits to those bookstores. All of our active titles are available via Bookshop. See below on how to support PMP through Bookshop.org.

Poetic Matrix Press is a Bookshop.org Affiliate member and we, plus bookstores, will benefit from sales. Here's how:

  1. Open Bookshop.org
  2. Search: Poetic Matrix Press
  3. Click: Shop
  4. Click: View Shop under Poetic Matrix Press
  5. Scroll: to Recent Titles

We have begun to link our books to our Affiliate; we will continue until all of our available titles are linked. If you buy through the Affiliate link the press will receive part of the proceeds and bookstores will also receive revenue. You can also go directly to a title via search and chose your favorite bookstore to support.

Out of print titles are still available, some in paper back and all as PDF ebooks. All of our titles are available as PDF ebooks. Go to Poetic Matirx Titles and select the tab for PDF ebooks.

James Downs Memorial

I have some difficult news to pass on. James Downs passed away on October 10th after a non-Covide illness. My love goes out to Joyce and his family and I miss him terribly. A friend likes James is a great gift and I cherish the time we had together.  Our press project would not have existed without James.

James Down speaking at an event

I met James shortly after starting work in Yosemite National Park. Meeting James was a fortuitous event in my life. We began meeting at Degan's Deli for morning lattes and began conversations that continued for months and then years. We talked about myriad topics including philosophy, politics, music, literature, and poetry. His depth and ease of conversation was enlivening and eventually lead to beginning Poetic Matrix Press. James had been creating small handwritten poetry books (3 X 4 inches) of his poetry.

We went on to do chapbooks of his, mine and other's poetry. After these we started producing full length paperback books. Starting with his book Merge with the River, Brandon Cesmat's Driven into the Shade, Tomas Gayton's Winds of Change and my book Dark Hills and Wild Mountains, and over 80 books in 23 years; the Press continues. James began an on-going series of live events titled Words Performance in Yosemite with poetry and music. The series continued for many years.

During this time James met Joyce and their love blossomed. Laurene and I had the great privilege of hosting their wedding on our property in Madera, California. They were wed under a giant Willow Tree by the creek with 70 friends and family. What a joy this day was. They eventually bought a place in Sonora and with Joyce's daughters lived a good life.

James & Joyce Downs at their wedding

Needless to say - Joyce misses James profoundly. They met each other later in life and were graced with many beautiful years together. James told me many, many times how lucky he was to have found Joyce and how great his love for her was. I'm sure that love continues in this crazy universe we inhabit. Love truly does go on.

My son Devon has started a Go Fund Me campaign to assist James' family. I invite you to support Joyce and Family; you can add a note if you chose. Please go to our Go Fund Me campaign.

Joyce and I will be putting out a memorial volume of James' poetry after the new year. I will miss his counsel and beautiful decency.

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"Travel well my friend!" - John

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