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Winter Newsletter 2022

by Alex Landon & Elaine Halleck


Enter a universe where ‘hate laws’ passed after sensational sex crimes banish nearly a million ordinary people from the American dream & Constitutional bedrock.

2nd EDITION - SIX NEW CHAPTERS (First published in 2011)

Parallel Universe book cover.

This book doesn’t fit neatly into one category. It’s a novel, textbook, editorial, a narrative taken from the headlines, a primer on the U.S. legal system and how it can be overwhelmed by the very fears we seek to quiet. Halleck and Landon inform the reader by citing case histories and legal doctrine, never talking over our heads.

- Sandra K. Waterkotte, North Carolina

Interweaving law with storytelling in alternate chapters, Landon (a lawyer) and Halleck (a novelist), reveal the “parallel universe” created by sex-crime legislation. What makes this universe parallel to, instead of part of, reality is its utter irrationality. As a former federal prosecutor, I thought I knew something about sex-crime laws, but this book opened my eyes to what happens in real life.

- Art Campbell, professor of law, author “Law of Sentencing”

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Homeplate was the Heart book cover.

Homeplate was the Heart and Other Stories
by Joseph D Milosch

This book is a collection of flash fiction and explores themes about the lifelong struggle American immigrants endure to gain citizenship -- not the scholastic citizenship of a written exam, but the everyday test their community gives them. I based these stories on my memories of my Irish and Polish grandparents and great uncles.

Joe Milosch graduated from San Diego State University. His poetry has appeared in various magazines (name some). He has multiple nominations for the Pushcart and received the Hackney Award for Literature. His previous books are: The Lost Pilgrimage Poems and Landscape of a Woman and a Hummingbird.


In the shed, George Kell, the radio announcer, said Frank Lary was pitching for the Tigers. My grandfather rubbed sawdust off his shirt and reached for a Goebel’s beer. Wood shavings stuck to the hair on his arm, and his palm polished the lip of a long neck bottle. Nearby, grandmother sat on the porch with her hair in rollers and a spot of gravy on her apron. She shelled peas. Occasionally, she sifted them through her fingers. She judged the smoothness of their skin, the hardness of their core, and the flavor of the soup pea by pea.

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I hope this finds everyone healthy and happy. This is the time of year for this or so it is said. I DO BELIEVE I WILL GET TO SPEND TIME WITH MY GRANDSON THIS YEAR. That will make me happy. I do hope you all will be happy and spend time with those that are important to you.

Love to you all and stay warm,
winter is upon us!