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Poetic Matrix Press was founded in the high mountain beauty of Yosemite in 1997, and has since grown into a press that is producing full-length books as fine as any that can be seen in any bookstore or library. We started by producing a newsletter of poetry and essays on the poetic experience. Then in 2000 we put out a nationwide call for manuscripts and published a total of 4 manuscripts in chapbook format. Since 2001 we have published full length perfect bound books, including books by poets in New York, Virginia, Northern, Central and Southern California as well as Ireland, England and South Korea.
In 2017 we reached our 20th Anniversary of continuous publishing and produced our 20th Anniversary Author's Anthology, "So Many Voices." The Anthology includes pieces from our 60 books and 45 authors: including James Downs, our Associate Editor; San Francisco Poet Laureate Kim Shuck; Lyn Lifshin; Francisco X Alarcon; 2010 Nobel Prize in Literature nominee Korean poet Mun Duc-su; Shadab Hashmi; Leroy Moore; and so many more.

Our Team

John Peterson

John Peterson

John Peterson is Publisher and Editor of Poetic Matrix Press. After publishing his first book Two Faces One Race with Tomas Gayton in 1994 John started work in Yosemite. After meeting James Downs there he started publishing chapbooks and then full length volumes. His books include Dark Hills and Wild Mountains and News of the Day plus chapbooks This Warrior is Always at Peace and Uzumite.

James Downs

James and Joyce Downs
Friends of the Press

James & Joyce Downs are dear friends and confidants of Poetic Matrix Press and this publisher. James' first full volume, Merge with the river, was published in 2004, a new volume is in preparation. He is a poet, song lyricist, a loving step-father and grandfather to his dear wife Joy's daughters and grandsons and he digs his cat Belle de Bayou. Joyce has contributed many photographic works to this website. James & Joyce now live in Sonora, California.

Devon Peterson

Devon Peterson
Publishing Consultant

Devon Peterson is our Publishing Consultant helping to re-vision the Press and its modes of operation.

Devon is a recent graduate of UC Berkeley with a BA in Near Eastern Studies with a emphasis in Arabic Language and Literature.

Joe Milosch

Joe Milosch

Joe Milosch is a true working class hero with an MFA. Published extensively including Landscape of a Woman and a Hummingbird & The Lost Pilgrimage Poems with Poetic Matrix Press.

Joe has recently retired after a long career in highway construction.


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