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J.P. Linstroth Indiegogo Campaign

May 25th, 2017 by admin

Join J.P. Linstroth in his Indiegogo Campaign

Production costs for the publication of the Book of Poetry: The Forgotten Shore by J. P. Linstroth
J. P. Linstroth is an Adjunct Professor at Barry University.  His main academic research interests are: cognition, ethnonationalism, gender, genocide, history, immigrant advocacy, indigeneity, indigenous politics, indigenous rights, memory, peace, peacebuilding, racism, and trauma. Linstroth, steeped in the classics, has found the route through literature to the Greek ideal. Click the link above and join him in getting this book published, receive your copy of this work of art.  Excerpt from: ARES, HEPHAESTUS, AND APHRODITE
O Aphrodite, Hephaestus and I are brothers… Whence mine own arrogant, conceited, pompous… His humble, vulnerable, masterful craftsman… Mine own frivolous and vain… His deferential, respectful, and diffident… And yet, not without confidence… I have known other women all the same…
It is only for you have I rapt attention… O my Brazilian Aphrodite, née Portuguese conquistadores, née Amerindians, née
Afro-slaves, not to mention—other Europes intertwined… You Aphrodite flowering laurels, anthophilous, Nature’s bounty… You Aphrodite, so nimbly you disrobe—apodysophilia… So too hydrophilous from seaing foam, effervescent, emergent on azure waves… Giant cockles, envied all…
Your cynosure assured as no other, without contention…
And so you must choose, my radiant ebonied tresses, gorgeousness, delightful, elegance… Full breasted, more alluring than Hera, more ravishing than Athena, more charming than Artemis… Neither Helen of Troy, nor Nymph, nor Muse may compare to thee, thy beaming,
twinkling, goddess from the sea—only know me, only me…

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