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If poets and lovers of poetry don't write, publish, read, and purchase poetry books then we will have no say in the quality of our contemporary culture and no excuse for the abuses of language, ideas, truth, beauty, and love in our cultural life.

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We will be at the Associate Writing Programs (AWP) this year in Los Angeles

Los Angeles Convention Center & JW Marriott 1201 S Figueroa St, LA

Date: March 30 & 31, April 1 & 2

Our table # is 1728, near the Registration area

Please stop by if you are at the Conference and say hello. We will have book signings by various authors, Go to for more details on the Conference.

Shadab Hashmi will be on the program: Friday Noon to One-fifteen p.m. Reading F193. In Their Own Words: Muslim Women Poets—a Reading and Discussion. (Deema Shehabi, Shadab Zeest Hashmi, Lena Khalaf Tuffaha) Room 511, LA Convention Center, Meeting Room. Three Muslim American women read from their works and discuss the representation of Muslim women in the West. This panel focuses on how these women, through their own work and in collaboration with others, preserve an identity that not only serves to counter common stereotypes but also creates a complex, personal yet universal narrative that defies narrow constructs. Level.

Francisco X Alarcón was to be on the program but passed away suddenly in January. We miss him tremendously. I'm sure he will be celebrated.

Read this article commemorating Francisco X Alarcón »

Thursday One-thirty p.m. to Two-forty-five p.m. Reading R228. In Celebration of Poetry of Resistance: A Multicultural Response to Arizona SB 1070, Xenophobia, and Injustice. (Francisco Alarcon, Odilia Galván Rodriguez, Iris De Anda, Sonia Gutiérrez, Edward Vidaurre) Room 511, LA Convention Center, Meeting Room Level.
From more than 3,000 poems posted on Poets Responding to SB 1070, a Facebook page created in 2010 in response to a controversial law in Arizona, a groundbreaking response featuring the works of 88 poets from different backgrounds is coming together as an anthology. Five poets read from their own works that reflect a resurgent multicultural civil rights movement in the US. Come and see accomplished poets read some cutting edge poems included in this anthology as well as from their acclaimed works.

New Book Projects

The Art of Healing

The Art of Healing
by Gail and Charles Enterkin

Gail and Charles are well known to Poetic Matrix Press. We have published 2 books by Gail and 1 by Charles. In this volume they alternate pieces exploring the very trying journey through Charles' cancer. Charles writes confronting this in himself and Gail writes as his spouse, love and caregiver. They both are gifted poets and through this writing they reveal the difficulties and extreme love that takes Charles to complete remission. To say this is beautiful is an understatement.

Black Kripple Delivers Poetry & Lyrics

The Black Kripple Delivers Poetry & Lyrics
by Leroy Moore

Leroy is a black handicapped artist/activist who is committed to assisting other handicapped persons, whether black or not, to get a better shake in our contemporary society. He is committed to Hip Hop as a means of advancing this and lyrics and poetry are his showcase. This is a man on a mission.

Composing Temple Sunrise

Overcoming Writer's block at Burning Man

by Hassan El-Tayyab due out July 1

This is a memoir by musician Hassan and recounts his trip across the US looking for that elusive muse. He arrives in Berkeley and hooks up with a group creating a metal sculpture called Fishbug. They go to Burning Man in the Nevada dessert and here he writes the musical piece Temple Sunrise. Hassan is a musician singer/songwriter with his group America Nomad.

Coming in 2016

On Freedom: Organizational Science Examined Philosophically by Peter Gibson Friesen

New Work (in development) by Chris Olander

Spiraling Forward: A Journey from Darkness to Light by Ashley Pinkerton


Anne Whitehouse's poem "Calligraphies" won the 2016 Song of Eretz Poetry Award Contest. Anne's poem was chosen by Carol Hamilton former Oklahoma State Poet Laureate along with a $1000 prize. It can be found at Congratulations to Anne!

Support Poetry Flash

For the last nearly 40 years Poetry Flash has been a resource for poets all over the west. If you are planning a poetry event send the information a month before to Poetry Flash for their calendar of events: Northern, Southern California, and the Pacific West. Joyce Jenkins and Richard Silberg do an amazing job along with the many volunteers. A donation of any amount is always welcome.
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