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If poets and lovers of poetry don't write, publish, read, and purchase poetry books then we will have no say in the quality of our contemporary culture and no excuse for the abuses of language, ideas, truth, beauty, and love in our cultural life.

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Dia de los Muertos Celebration

Dia de los Muertos Celebration Dia de los Muertos Celebration

October 23rd at the Davis Cemetery, Davis, CA honoring Francisco X Alarcón 1963-2016

Read this article commemorating Francisco X Alarcón »

2017 20th Anniversary

2017 will be the 20th year since Poetic Matrix Press began, starting first with a newsletter, then a series of chapbooks and then the first of our 60 plus full length books. We are beginning our year long celebration of the over 60 books we have published. James Downs has suggested a Press anthology many time so we are starting a review of our books looking for two poems from each to include in the anthology. If anyone reading this would like to recommend poems please do so. We will consider all recommendations in the final choices. We'll begin showcasing these poems on our Forever Journal blog on our website We are planning a reading in the San Francisco Bay Area and one in San Diego. It has been a great 20 years and continues on.

New books out in 2016

On Freedom: Organizational Science Examined Philosophically by Peter Gibson Friesen
Regardless of where you enter the discussion of Freedom there is an underlying matrix of moral and value connections that link any domain of social activity with all others. Although billed as an "abstract philosophical discussion," it is fundamentally important for all of us to get a handle on how these connections work.

Strings of Shining Silence by Raphael Block
Raphael Block's poetry reflects an empathy for all life. The voice of the poet recollects with insight the quiet joys of life. A shared panoply of the wonderful adventures in the garden of daily life when led with eyes, ears and feelings wide open. This collection is a strong, honest and intelligent work of seasoned poetry aged like fine wine that all poetry lovers should experience.
~ GLENN EVANS—POET, Novelist and Founder of PoetsWest.

The Art of Healing by Charles Entrekin and Gail Rudd Entrekin
The Art of Healing documents in poetry the experience of Charles' bout with cancer. Poets Charles Entrekin and Gail Rudd Entrekin — husband and wife, survivor and caregiver, insider and witness — beautifully, vulnerably and sometimes heartbreakingly share their finely crafted poems in this brilliant volume.

Composing Temple Sunrise, a memoir by Hassan El-Tayyab
In this candid, inspiring memoir, singer-songwriter Hassan El-Tayyab of American Nomad takes us deep into the heart of what it means to chase a creative dream.

The Black Kripple Delivers Poetry & Lyrics by Leroy Franklin Moore, Jr.
In the tradition of History's word warriors, Leroy Moore pens full-frontal confrontations that blast away the last nasty vestiges of Faith-based America's biases against the poor, the disarranged, and the different.
~ Wanda Coleman, Los Angeles, known as "the L.A. Blueswoman," author of many powerful books of poetry and prose.

Coming in early 2017

Spiraling Forward: A Journey from Darkness to Light by Ashley Pinkerton

It is from Your Love
that I arose; like a flower
sprouting in the Spring.

The Benign Tree by Richard Kovac

The Tree. Still Green
There is a tree in my heart
with many leaves,
and it has its own seasons.
Fine, when it is green.
But beware
the naked branches of winter.

Bookfairs we attended in 2016

  • 21st Annual Watershed Environmental Poetry Festival October 1 in Berkeley
  • Bay Area Book Festival on the streets of Berkeley
  • Oakland Book Festival
  • AWP in Los Angeles

Other News

Tomás Gayton new book, Jazz Heaven,
Sambajia Press, 2016
41 pages with photos

Jazz Heaven is Tomás' homage to the music and to his "Jazz Daddy." His father, a jazz drummer and vocalist, insured that jazz would be the music of life in their family. "He now resides in Jazz Heaven with my Jazz loving Momma Emma."

This short book showcases the jazz greats and the San Diego Jazz scene from the word of a jazz poet. Available on his website and Amazon.

The Seven Grand Jam

on Wednesday night where Joshua White
sets the scene on fire with fingers
flaming on the keyboard
serenading and seducing
as we swing and bob
to Gilbert Castellanos' trumpet solos
and his combos celebration
of Jazz in all celestial hues

PMP Events over the years

PMP Events over the years

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