Poetic Matrix Press Submissions

Book Submissions

Please see our books on this website and contact the Press via email and give us a description of your proposal with a short biography and an example of your work. We publish primarily poetry but will entertain other genera.

Since we began publishing full volumes in 2001 we've been constantly seeking new models to help us continue to produce quality work in this challenging environment.

We have been using what we're calling the Fully-Funded Book Project model.

A Fully-Funded Book Project is one in which we, the Press, and the authors engage the public in generating initial expenses to fund the project and begin to present the author and the work. The funds will be developed in a number of ways, including grants and pre-sales, also in community donation drives via readings, interviews and articles and, importantly, using crowdfunding sources like Indiegogo, Kickstarter, Go Fund Me or some other crowdfunding tool.

Fully-Funded Book Projects are fully vetted publications and are not fee for printing, vanity or self-published books. We reserve the right to refuse any manuscript for any reason without explanation. We maintain a high standard for publication to ensure that all authors can be confident that the author, publisher, and publication have recognizable quality and will be accepted in bookstores and libraries without reservation. Books are produced by short run digital printing. Sample publications are available. A Fully-Funded Book Project is a trusted method to raise the needed funds to meet publication costs and put the work out to a quality public and begin the buzz.

For more information on our Fully-Funded Book Project contact us.

We encourage you to look over our titles. Our authors come from all parts of the society, from university professors to highway contractors to lawyers to students. Poetry flourishes in all quarters of the culture and it is our missions to seek out new and interesting work and get it out to a quality public. We invite you to read and purchase our poetry books. One of the roles of the poet is to support other poets.

Thank you for your interest in our Press.