A Parallel Universe

A Parallel Universe

by Alex Landon and Elaine Halleck

263 pages, price $20.50
ISBN 978-0-9827343-7-7

Here is a unique bringing together of non-fiction (the lawyer's perspective) and fiction (the writer's view) on a topic of devastating concern to victims and the accused. Alex Landon (the lawyer) and Elaine Halleck (the writer) explore a particularly difficult topic; the effect of laws enacted in the aftermath of brutal child abductions and murders on those accused of lesser sexual crimes or those falsely accused, and the effect on society as a whole.

"While Elaine Halleck's portion of the tale shows how policies of the criminal justice system might exile one person from any sustaining contact with his community and from any protection by civilizing principles that have evolved over the centuries, Alex Landon's non-fiction sections show how these policies have had severe effects on many other people and on the community at large. The ruinous expense of such policies is an important point in many of Landon's chapters." - from the Introduction


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