Trial & Error by Arthur W. Campbell

Trial & Error
The Education of a Freedom Lawyer
Volume One: For the Defense

by Arthur W. Campbell

Published by Poetic Matrix Press
118 pages, Price $16.50
ISBN 978-0-9789597-4-6

The Book

"Art Campbell provides us with brilliant flashes of insight into the mysterious workings of the legal system. His prose poems are heart-wrenching, powerful, compelling. As an insider, Campbell is in a unique position to provide vivid glimpses at the colorful characters on both sides of the law. His prose poems are full of compassion and a generosity of spirit. In sharing with us his ‘tales from the trenches,' he reveals the heart and soul of a young trial lawyer."
— Nancy Kim, lawyer and author of critically acclaimed novel, Chimhominey's Secret.

Nominated for the Anisfield-Wolf Book Awards 2007

Proceeds from the sale of Trial & Error will be donated to the Innocence Project at California Western School of Law San Diego, California.


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From Trial & Error:

The Weird Case

In law the right answer usually depends on putting the right question.
— Felix Frankfurter

What can you do with an unlawful pistol-discharge case when your client is a marshal who confessed he'd shot his gun for kicks? In this case the clue to stay alert was signaled by my client's name: Warren B. Weird.

At 4 a.m. two cruiser cops heard a gunshot, saw a speeding car, and chased Weird through a "high-crime area," cop code for most of Washington, D.C. When they stopped and questioned him he candidly replied he fired at a wall for fun. They seized him and his smoking gun.

With a potential jail sentence of one year, the accusation seemed an easy prosecution win, given gunshots, pistol, and a full confession on the spot.

"It was a stupid thing to do, Mr. Campbell, but it was dark, and no one was around. I shot inside a vacant lot. I'd been to a party and just learned my pregnant sister's going to give her kid my name."

Warren, handsome, slim, well dressed was twenty-nine, living with his wife and two sons in a deeply mortgaged home. His prior Air Force record was exemplary, as were evals as a deputy U.S. Marshal. If found guilty Weird would lose his job; any jail time would doom his house and wreck his family.

How could I fulfill my oath to "render vigorous defense" against a slam-dunk prosecution case? Even swapping Warren's guilty plea for probation would cost his job, a prosecution offer he refused to buy.

(Find out how this and many other cases turned out in this unique look at the law through the eyes of a young lawyer deeply concerned with freedom, justice and how to put it down with the voice of a poet.)

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