Exploring the Poetic Matrix Cover

Exploring the Poetic Matrix - Musings on Us and the Planet and How we are in the World

John (poet) Peterson

ISBN: 978-1-63649-696-2
226 pages, $19.50

The Book

Exploring the Poetic Matrix is not a formal dissertation. It is a bringing together of essays, comments, poetry, studies, stories, reflections and even some exercises, intended to show both what came about and how. I used the term poetic matrix for many years, aware that there were many disciplines, areas of study and experiences that went in to making my poetry. This work honors that recognition.

Some of those areas are consciousness, healing, and meditation found not just in religions but as is true, all of us discover/rediscover what is inherently a fundamental part of what it means to be human. Sometimes we write it out, sometimes we sing it or dance it or paint it. Mostly we experience it in the many diverse ways we as humans of all races, genders, education, cultures, individuals, and groups have of manifesting it and we pass it along to family and community and to the larger social experience in our lives. Some of us choose poetry as a means of understanding, and expression. This is indeed an exploration of just some of those sources.

Author Biography

John (poet) Peterson has been both an explorer in the intellectual sense and in the worldly sense. After traveling the country with his brother Craig, John spent many years in academia in a number of institutions following art and philosophy, doing graduate work in psychology, psycho-physiology, and research into biofeedback. With two years in the military and the “war of our time” (Vietnam) there followed the concomitant political activism that was as inevitable as the confusion of a country.

Doing post-graduate work in the emerging fields of holistic healing and consciousness development and then deeply engaging in poetry—finding a vehicle to make a deep statement about all of this—the result was a real sense of the possibilities that now exist.

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