In the Language of Lost Light

In the Language of Lost Light

by Patricia Nelson

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ISBN: 978-1-63649-707-5


For those who enjoy poetry as parable, “In the Language of Lost Light” illustrates one truth after another. For those who enjoy heraldry and pageantry, legend and lore, it revisits our most familiar recitals. Delve into timeless truths set in the tradition of Arthur, the metaphysical framework of Dante – and in the here and now. Once again, Patricia Nelson grips the conscience with things beyond our grasp, holds us tight in suggestion, white space, and open air. Here’s a study of the thin line between the essence and the interpreted, drawn out in quiet awe and wonder. – Jeff Santosuosso, Editor-in-Chief, Panoplyzine

Author Biography

Patricia Nelson is a retired attorney and environmentalist. She has worked with the "Activist" group of poets in California for many years. The Activist credo is that every word in a poem should be poetically "active," employing some kind of highly focused poetic technique—a principle not as self-evident as it might sound. The group, which formed in the 1930s around Lawrence Hart, might also be described as neo-Modernists. The first generation of poets taught by Hart rose to prominence in the 1940s and 50s and the group subsequently fell out of fashion. The "Activists" are now experiencing a resurgence of publication by a different generation of poets. Among the group's signature techniques are clusters of intense metaphoric imagery and a preference for associational, rather than narrative organization.



There is light at the brink of a sea
or a fall or a death by knowledge.
Any edge where you are stopped
from continuing as you are.
You walk on the brightness of sand.
You–a heaviness that moves.
An aching of soles proceeding
on a thing you cannot keep.
The wave eats the quiet beach.
Stand upon that winnowing
like a wish without a word
for what it wants next.

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