Spokes of Dream or Bird

Spokes of Dream or Bird

Poems by Patricia Nelson

59 pages, retail price $16.00, poetry
ISBN: 978-0-9981469-4-2

The Book

In Patricia Nelson's poems, language is a vessel—sometimes a jeweled container to catch the ineffable, to harness or restrain its power like a djinni; sometimes a boat on the vast sea–surface, catching the winds of exhilarated flight or foundering in storms. This is the vessel with which the poet sets out, and we, her readers, are along for the journey. Through ancient Celtic forests, Dante's landscape of the damned, and the garden of wordless, singing light from which our consciousness exiles us, Nelson's poems offer a riddling map home—a way to reach one another, to counter the loneliness of our human being.

Terry Ehret, author of Lucky Break and Night Sky Journey

Interview with Pat Nelson


The woman walks among the gulls.
Around her hand, the gathered:
strident, airborne, eyed.
Hand moves, cries move.

Yellow mouths grab
angles of bread,
sky, accelerating wind,
grab the moment
turning sideways into absence.

She cannot touch the word that countersigns
the perpetual resounding want
beaked and hooked
and thrown always into a wind.

Author Biography

Patricia Nelson is a semi-retired attorney and environmentalist. She has worked with the "Activist" group of poets in California for many years. The Activist credo is that every word in a poem should be poetically "active," employing some kind of focused poetic technique—a principle not as self-evident as it might sound. The group often works with metaphoric imagery.

The Loch Raven Review


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