Whimsy, Reticence & Laud

Whimsy, Reticence & Laud

by Grace Marie Grafton

76 pages, Retail $17.00
ISBN: 978-0-9852883-0-3

Author Bio

Grace Marie Grafton is the author of four previous collections of poetry. Zero won the 2000 Poetic Matrix Chapbook Contest. Visiting Sisters is a collection inspired by the artwork of contemporary women. Other Clues consists of experimental prose poems. Her recent chapbook, Chrysanthemum Oratorio, plays with concept and language. Ms. Grafton has taught for many years in the California Poets In The Schools program, for which she was awarded twelve California Arts Council grants. She was named Teacher of the Year by the River Of Words annual student poetry contest co-sponsored by Robert Hass, United States Poet Laureate. Born and raised in California's central valley, she lives in Oakland with her husband, Michael, and their extended family.

About the Book

"In these lush sonnets by Grace Grafton, the wild and the cultivated often collide. Here the habit of observation and the outcome of wonder produce a passionate immersion in the sensate pleasures of both language and being, where the weathers of the body, the floats and drifts of memory, and the bone and yearn of everyday life intersect and bring us into a place "where blue's ease slips in," a molten language captures us, and laud is a natural response."
Tobey Hiller, author of Aqueduct

Grace Grafton (right), publisher John Peterson (left) and cover artist Brianna Johnson Smeds

Author Grace Grafton (right), publisher John Peterson (left) and cover artist Brianna Johnson Smeds in front of Bath, the original art for the cover at the book launch for Grace's new book of poetry, Whimsy, Reticence & Laud, on June 2nd at Fresno Akido in Fresno, California.

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