Untitled by Richard Kovac


poems by Richard Kovac

Published by Poetic Matrix Books
95 pages
ISBN: 978-0-9789597-7-7


from The Stevens Point Gazette

Point man may be best poet Wisconsin never knew

by Bill Berry

Kovac has the ability to say a ton with a few words. His poems can at once be tender, sweet, sassy and sad. He is able to celebrate the little moments that pass by the rest of us unnoticed.

My favorite time to read poetry is at night, just before turning out the lights, when long paragraphs have no use or value unless I want to read them over and over again. Under the reading light at the night stand, it is poetry that gets to the point, telling a whole chapter full of stories in just a few lines. Richard Kovac's slim book fits well in places like that.

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Publisher's Comments

This is a volume strong in the texture of a man's life. Richard is unafraid to place out into a world that can be difficult, his depth of experience and his unfiltered understanding of it....It's not always pretty in the way we think it should be, but it is full of truth and its beauty arises from that.

From Untitled:

comedia: no refunds
everything's dandy.
nothing has ever been wrong.
all is well.
except that everyone has
always been
in pain thru
the cycles of the ages
& this stupid Ferris Wheel
of terror & delight
made my kid weep yesterday.
we want a refund.
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