Wheels within Wheels

Wheels within Wheels

by Richard Kovac

115 pages, price $16.00
ISBN 978-0-9827343-8-4

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"(There are) people who read poetry because they like it, even if they don't understand the rules and regulations. I am in that category, and on behalf of my group, I must say that Richard Kovac's poems are a joy. Kovac has the ability to say a ton with a few words. His poems can at once be tender, sweet, sassy and sad. He is able to celebrate the little moments that pass by the rest of us unnoticed." - Bill Berry, from his review of Kovac's first book, Untitled.

Wheels within Wheels continues this sharp, straight poetry. He speak to us because what he has to say is what he has experienced and learned over a lifetime living a simple and yet committed life. He references much of what we have all experienced.

Richard Kovac is a poet’s poet. I don’t know what to expect from poem to poem, and yet if I didn’t know I was reading his poems, after reading several I think I would sense his voice. (His books are) what I would show someone to demonstrate how something is expressed as a poem, rather than prosaicly.
–Morty Sklar, NYC poet; author of The Smell of Life

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