Conjugal by Alicia Vandevorst


by Alicia Vandevorst

92 pages, $17.00, poetry
ISBN: 978-1-7337025-2-2

The Book

The technical expertise in this poetry is often striking, beautiful—but not the main gift. It is a book on how to live in a world of war and fear and money without defensiveness. The silence the words come from frees you from your masks. You descend into an unfolding center, each expression leading inward. Boldly tender and clear-sighted, Conjugal’s voice dissolves categories—political, lyrical, magical, technical. It is the voice of an interconnected being that passionately laments world desecration while continuing to offer itself unconditionally. It frees us from cynicism.

–Gene Berson, poet and author of Raveling Travel

The Author

Alicia Vandevorst has written poetry for thirty years and formally studied with Patricia Donegan, Maxine Kumin, Barbara Jordan, and with Arthur Sze at the Napa Valley Writers’ Conference in 2012. Her poems have appeared in The American Poetry Journal, Canary: A Literary Journal of the Environmental Crisis, Writing in a Woman’s Voice, and Sisyphus. She alsowrites more experimental performance pieces.

While attending Scripps College, she wrote and produced a poem for four voices, In’erstates, and provided dance-chants for Nucleus Expansion, a collaboration between the Dance and Ceramics Departments. More recently, she completed a play titled Psyche that combines poetry and theater, meditation and mask-work and served as a playwright for the 24 Hour Plays in Nevada City. Her poetry and writing have three companion practices: meditation, photography, and composting.

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