Spiraling Forward - A Dance through the Cycles of Life

Spiraling Forward
A Dance through the Cycles of Life

by Ashley Gene Pinkerton

111 pages, retail price $15.00, poetry
ISBN: 978-0-9981469-3-5

The Book

This book will take the reader on a journey of self-discovery, as the dance of the sacred spiral encourages us to reach deep within ourselves to find the magic of love: the love of Mother Earth, the love of all beings, and the love of life itself. Be prepared to see with a different perspective, where even a mis-step becomes an opportunity for growth and expansion, a chance to accelerate our development into a greater understanding and alignment with our own inner wisdom and connection to the higher realms.

"Ashley Pinkerton captures the esoteric spiritual principles that ignite our magnificence as we experience this human life. This book is a profound work of Literary Art. Its superb poetry exemplifies the journey that we all take in the physical. It sunshines the esoteric principles contained in each experience that leads to an evolution in consciousness and an enhanced quality of life. This is a must read for truth seekers and a fantastic textbook for the Spiritual Teacher."

— Angelo Pizelo, President Emerson Institute

Author Biography

As a successful writer, teacher, and healing practitioner, Ashley Pinkerton, through her deep connection with nature, views the world in a different and all-encompassing way. It is this perspective that allows her to work with clients to facilitate their connection with Spirit, allowing them to reclaim their wholeness and their own personal power. As a teacher, she successfully imparts wisdom and knowledge that is easy to understand.


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