So Many Voices

So Many Voices
Authors' 20th Anniversary Anthology 1997 to 2017

edited by John Peterson, James Downs & Joe Milosch
Cover art by Molly Weller

228 pages, retail price $20.00, poetry & prose
ISBN: 978-0-9981469-6-6

Our 20th Anniversary Authors Anthology "So Many Voices" is in release. With material from our 60 books and 45 authors (including new pieces from many) this is a true reflection of So Many Voices that we have had the privilege of publishing. With editorial assistance from John Peterson, James Downs and Joe Milosch and Forward from James and John and cover art from Molly Weller. This is an interesting and beautiful compliment to our publishing efforts. Kim Shuck, Francisco X. Alarcón, Shadab Zeest Hashmi, Anne Whitehouse, Patricia Nelson, Brandon Cesmat, Ashley Gene Pinkerton and many more.

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